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Project: Press Release for Andiano’s Italian Bistro.


Objective: To help customers feel like they know the family when they walk in. 


Family’s ‘Calling’ Brings Italian Comfort Food to Plano

In the mid 1980s, Sonny Alma fulfilled a lifelong dream and opened Paisano’s Italian Restaurant on the west side of Fort Worth. His wife Margaret ran the day-to-day operations, while Sonny toiled away at his 9-to-5 job as an engineer for a defense firm a couple of miles away. The couple’s three children helped out in the family business just as soon as they could hold a spatula. 

For 15 years, Margaret, Sonny and the kids poured their hearts and lives into bringing a little slice of Sonny’s Italian grandma’s recipes to Fort Worth. They spent countless hours at the restaurant sharing meals, nursing wounds, finishing homework and meeting new friends, many of whom soon became like family. Each Sunday, after the restaurant closed for the week, the family, staff and close friends would gather for a communal meal, several bottles of wine and plenty of laughter. 

“There was always laughter,” Stephanie alma, the oldest daughter said. 

In the late 1990s, as the economy took a downturn, the Almas faced a tough decision. They decided to close the restaurant and walk away. Soon everything was gone, sold at auction: the appliances, the cash register, the art on the walls, wine glasses, silverware and tables and chairs. Each item going to the highest bidder – strangers recognized only by a number on a paddle. 

By that time, the three kids were adults and had moved on with their lives. But Stephanie couldn’t get the restaurant out of her mind, it was part of her soul. In 2005, Stephanie and her husband, Mike Daniels decided to try and reopen the restaurant. They found a space just a couple of doors down from the original location, in the same strip center. They figured they would use the same menu, made up of the same recipes her great-grandmother used to serve. 

Despite their shoestring budget, the couple started looking for appliances, a new cash register, art for the walls and, of course, new tables and chairs. More importantly, they were looking for a sign. A sign that this whole idea wasn’t crazy and leading the Daniels straight to the poorhouse. 

Mike was tasked with finding the equipment. One day, Mike shopped for a bargain at a local restaurant supplier. The owner of the store suggested he take a look at an old, dusty lot of chairs and tables in the back room. The price was right. Mike headed to the back. As he rounded the corner, a mist of nostalgia hit him like a cool rain. He took a quick photo and texted it to his wife. 

“Recognize these?” he asked. 

They were the same chairs from the restaurant that were sold at auction nearly a decade before. 

“I started crying in my cubicle at work. It was the sign we were looking for,” Stephanie said. 

Paisano’s – the couple’s new calling – reopened and every night, the family brings food, wine, comfort and laughter to the people on the west side. 

Now, the Daniels are bringing a little slice of their calling to Plano. Andiano’s Italian Bistro is opening this week at 3232 Custer Road, on the southwest corner of Park and Custer. The quaint casual dining restaurant will serve some familiar items from the Paisano’s menu, the same food the family has been serving for decades. 

“Everything but the seafood dishes,” Mike said. 

The open-spaced bistro will offer pasta plates with six varieties of sauces from creamy white alfredo to the spicy diablo red sauce for those looking for a little kicki. Traditional favorites are also on the menu, like lasagne, chicken parmigiana and chicken marsala. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner Tuesday through Sunday. 

The Daniels said they can’t wait to make Plano residents part of their family too. 

For more information, check out www.andianositalianbistro.com

Project: A flyer announcing a buy one get one free special

Objective: To raise awareness about the new restaurant.


Ciao, Amico (Translation Howdy, Friend)

Andiamo’s Italian Bistro’s Plano location is open for business. We offer a delicious selection of Italian comfort food, perfected over generations. We serve our family recipes in a relaxing, modern environment. Come in, pick a delicious item from the menu, then sit down, watch us prepare your meal in our open-concept kitchen and when it’s done, we will bring it to you. Cosi Facile (So Easy). 

Our offerings include pasta dishes with six varieties of sauces from creamy white alfredo to the spicy red “Diablo” sauce. We also offer traditional italian dishes like spaghetti, lasagne, eggplant parmigiana and chicken marsala. 

We know that you will love our traditional Italian dishes but to win your over, for a limited time we are offering a Buy One Entree, Get One Free

Just bring in this coupon and show it when you place your order, and we will take care of the rest. 

We are located at 3232 Custer Road – on the southwest corner of Park and Custer. Come by any time for lunch or dinner, Tuesday through Sunday. We look forward to seeing you become part of our family. 

Arrivederci! (See You Soon)