About Me

Rod photo in white jacket

Hi. My name is Rodney Hays and I’ve been writing words for an audience since the fifth grade. I have a diverse background writing newspaper stories (feature stories, hard news, sports, column writing, etc.), scripts for children and adults, speeches, press releases, blog posts, social media posts and more. I have also written a book called Life:Found — a collection of humor columns from my newspaper days.

Some of what I like to do

  • Learning about anything that interests me
  • Stringing together words that make people feel, move and engage
  • Reading books about interesting, productive habits, current marketing trends, and anything about psychology and the way people think.
  • Taking photos
  • Traveling to exotic locales and studying new cultures

On my blog, I usually write about marketing trends and ideas, copywriting, healthy living, being happy, finding peace and enjoying life. Don’t miss a post. Get on the e-mail list here

I specialize in SEO-driven marketing content, on-target advertising copy, humorous and serious blog posts, timely social media posts and other writing. I want to see people succeed in business and in life. If I can help share my talents with the world while helping small business owners do what they do best, then I’m a happy camper. Let me help you with writing words that sell so that you can get back to running your business.

If I can help promote your business, send me a note at info@rodneyhays.com