About Me

Rod photo in white jacket

Hi. My name is Rodney Hays and I’ve been writing words for an audience since the fifth grade. I have a diverse background writing newspaper stories (feature stories, hard news, sports, column writing, etc.), scripts for children and adults, speeches, press releases, blog posts, social media posts and more. My book, called Life:Found — a collection of humor columns from my newspaper days — is pretty cool. 

Some of what I like to do

  • Learning about anything that interests me
  • Stringing together words that make people feel, move and engage
  • Reading books about interesting, productive habits, current marketing trends, and anything about psychology and the way people think.
  • Taking photos
  • Traveling to exotic locales and studying new cultures

On my blog, I usually write about marketing trends and ideas, copywriting, healthy living, being happy, finding peace and enjoying life. Don’t miss a post. Get on the e-mail list here

If I can help, send me a note at info@rodneyhays.com