A Season of Angels and Demons

Photo by sebastiaan stam from Pexels

Happy Halloween. It’s raining and gloomy here just like you might imagine it to be if you were attempting to ward off evil spirits.

I believe that demons are real, in fact so are angels. But not real in that they are outside of me real way, but inside of me. Demons are the part of us that help us along the path of self-destruction that so many of us are on (I’m raising my hand here). They are symbolic of the traits that all of us have that keep us from achieving our goals and enjoying life. Angels, in the same way, are traits, habits, beliefs that push us on to the glory and success that awaits us all.

I can see why those demons would have shown up more during the fall with winter right around the corner. It’s cold, rainy, the harvest is put away and darkness is filling more and more of our lives. Even everything in nature is shutting itself off for rest. Some might confuse it with death. As I wrestle with these aspects of cold, darkness, and death, the demons that hold me back, push a little harder, hijacking my life and trying to manipulate every aspect of my daily habits and beliefs. It’s scary.

But our angels are there too. They are the part of all of us that wants to flourish and experience a joyful and abundant life. We all play all the parts of this little drama: we are demons, angels, friends, enemies, the devil and, of course, God, especially God. We forget that.

We have to forget that. That’s why we came here to forget that we are God, part of the One, the All. But we also came to remember. And once we get that part down pat — that we are all part of the One — we have access to a higher plane of consciousness and demons bow down on bended knee to do our will. And instead of destroying our lives, they help find ways to enrich our lives and nudge us forward on our evolutionary path.

Winter is not death. Not anymore. Even when the clouds cover the sky, the sun is shining up above. At night when we think the sun has abandoned us to the other side of the world, it reflects its light on the moon to remind us we are not forgotten. We are not alone. We are one.

Fall and winter is not a time of death, but rebirth. We can all gather together and chase away our demons, so that we can prepare for change, new birth during our spring.

So rest up, my friends. Enjoy this beautiful day. May you find peace and joy and abundance.

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