Sacrificing Time to the Gods

Photo by Ylanite Koppens from Pexels

I’m feeling a little better today — Thanks for asking. Yesterday was a little rough when my college team took an unexpected loss. It hurts. It’s amazing how personal that a loss like that feels to me. I’m not playing. I don’t gain or lose one single thing — personally — from this games, but it still feels like I lost the game. When the game was over, it was as if my world got turned upside down.


But I have work to do, that must get done. That makes my world better, that is truly what I need, that is something personal and I definitely have something to gain — personally — both tangibly and intangibly when I complete my work. When I sit down to write, the muse is sitting there waiting, watching, making sure that I’m committed to this calling. And when I commit, she sits on my shoulder and whispers in my ear, words to put down on the blanks screen. That feeling of inspiration is only going to get stronger and more clear the more times with meet. At first it’s like the muse is speaking to you underwater. But soon the “audio” clears up. It becomes clearer, stronger, meaningful. Soon enough, those words become sentences that become paragraphs that become chapters that become stories and books and screenplays and essays and whatever else may pour out.

I feel like I need to sit down and really search for my meaning, my calling and prepare. If I truly am called to be a writer, if that’s the only job that I can really do here during this earthly go-round, then I need to get it done. But what if it is writing? What type of writing? What am I supposed to write? What is the story only I can tell?

I love writing comedy and making people laugh but is that writing enough? Is it? Maybe it is. There has to be a reason and maybe the reason is just strictly to entertain people, to help someone escape from their perceived reality just long enough to see the Inner Being shining through. Entertaining people with stories is enough but there still has to be more meaning. There has to be a reason behind the entertainment, not just laughter for its own sake. These stories should do more than just divert our attention from real life. Right? It seems like it.

I’m not sure what the muse  is leading me to but if I sacrifice my time on the alter of the gods, those answers — I feel — will come.  So here I sit.

What is your purpose? Have you figured it out yet? Do you do it? Do you struggle? Let me know in the comments.

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