Our cups should runneth over

cup runneth over
Photo by Kristina Paukshtite from Pexels

Wallace Wattles says that for our world to move forward mankind must grow and expand.

“No society could advance if every man is smaller than his place.”

We must grow or die. Wattles points to the animal kingdom where “evolution is caused by excess of life”

We are made to grow, expand and thrive. It’s what we are here for, to more than fill our place. Our cups need to runneth over. There are examples in the animal kingdom as animals eat to get larger, mate to enlarge their tribe and conquer to expand their territory.

Our biggest advantage over the animals isn’t by being at the top of the food chain or our abilities to open Waffle Houses. Our advantage is our ability to create with our minds. Fortunately we don’t have to compete to expand and fill our cups. We can create things to overflow our cups. And then we can create bigger cups to overflow even more. The human mind is a remarkable tool, calling on what Wattle calls the “Formless Substance”to create in the animate world what is only now in the inanimate one.

We don’t have to compete to take and conquer. There is plenty for everybody in the Formless Substance. Our finest attribute is to create and grow.

May your cup runneth over this year and beyond.


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