Overheard in a Cab

Man and woman enter cab. The cabbie smells alcohol but it’s not overwhelming.

Cabbie: good evening. Where you guys headed?

Man: we are headed to the Methodist church.

Both man and woman laugh.

Man: we are going to church on a Thursday.

They laugh again.Harder this time. Cabbie laughs too

Cabbie: hey, you gotta go sometime.

Cabbie laughs. Alone

Woman: we are going to hear a speaker talk about Leonardo da Vinci.

Cabbie: is it really spelled like that?

Haha. This is a conversation and he can’t see how it’s spelled.

Cabbie: is the speaker Walter Issacson?

Both: yeah. It is.

Man: how did you know that?

Cabbie: I knew he had a new book on da Vinci. I read a little bit of it the other day.

Woman: what does it say? Is it good?

Cabbie: I didn’t get very far but what I read was good. I’m also listening to Issacson’s book on Ben franklin.

Woman (to man): I love to listen to books.

Cabbie: the thing I like about both Franklin and da Vinci is that neither one had any formal education. They were both pretty much self-taught.

Man: oh really?

Cabbie: Yeah. Also Leonardo had some interesting quirks. Many people think that he used to write backwards so you had to use a mirror to read it. But he wrote backwards because he was left handed and didn’t want to get the ink on his hands. Left handers were very rare in those days.

Both: wow. Interesting.

Cabbie: also if Leonardo hadn’t been a bastard child he might have followed his father into the notary business. He would have hated it and been terrible at it. And we might not have the Mona Lisa or Vitruvian Man.

Man: that’s true.

Cabbie: many people probably don’t realize that vitruvian man was probably a self-portrait.

Woman: what?

Cabbie: yep. Anyway. I don’t want to ruin it for you. He’ll probably go over all of that tonight.

Silence for 15 seconds

Cabbie: here we are.

Woman: we are already here?

Cabbie: yeah the church is right there.

Man: thanks for the ride.

Cabbie: thank you. Enjoy the program tonight.

Both: thank you. Be safe tonight.

Cabbie: you too.

Overheard outside the cab.

Man: did we just have a conversation about Leonardo da Vinci with a cab driver?

Woman: we did.

Both: wow.

Overheard back in the cab

Cabbie: did I just get to discuss a book I’ve been reading with customers? I believe I did. Wow.

You’ll never know what will happen in a cab.Don’t assume anything. Also you can check out Walter Issacson’s book on Leonardo da Vinci here


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