Polly want Amazon Prime

Me in my comfort zone

I read last week about parrots. You ever read about parrots? Me neither. I honestly don’t know that much about them except they show up on my favorite bottles of rum so I assume they like a good daiquiri. But I could be wrong.

The story I was reading had to do with bringing parrots into your home and whether that was a good idea or not. The gist of the story: (spoiler alert) it’s not.

I could have told them this. When I was growing up Robert Moneypenny and his family had a bird. I don’t think it was a parrot,I think it was one of those cockatoos or something. I’m basing this on my faulty memory and I don’t remember it drinking rum. What do I know? Anyway, the only thing I really remember about the bird was the awful screeching noises it made until Robert’s mom went in and covered it with a towel or sheet. For some reason that made it be quiet. It worked a lot better than screaming “Shut up!l I learned a very valuable lesson: don’t ever own a bird.

But what if a person does want a bird? I don’t know.

The story I read suggested it might be mean to the bird. A parrot is used to living in a huge jungle with plenty of room to fly around and basically do parrot things (which I assume involves rum). Trapping a beautiful parrot in a cage would then be cruel and unusual punishment, like bing forced to drink “virgin daiquiris.”

Makes sense I guess. Leave parrots free to do more parrot things.

But here’s another take: what if the parrot is looking for any excuse to leave that damn jungle? What is it wants to trade in that wonderful huge jungle for some privacy and television and Google’s Alexa? Maybe leaving the jungle is the best thing that ever happened to most parrots.

Let’s say that parrots can write letters and after they settle into a nice home in the suburbs, they drop a line to the family back home

It might go like this:

What up, fam?

As you may have heard I was taken from the jungle and sold to a family from Bowlegs, Oklahoma (the parrot capital of Seminole County). At first I wasn’t a fan but now I can’t believe my good fortune. I have air conditioning 24/7 and all the bird seed I can eat. If I want crackers, I say, “Hey, Alexa, Polly want a cracker” and Amazon Prime has that stuff at my door between 5 and 9:30.

Anyway, who knew that cages could be so cool and the jungle could suck so bad.

All my love,

(For some reason) Polly

I don’t know.

Sometimes we too get stuck in the “we’ve always done it this way rut.” Sometimes we may need to get out of our comfort zone and try something new and exciting. I’m not suggesting buying a bird but maybe enjoy a freshly made daiquiri every once in a while like the good lord intended. Maybe you’ll discover that you too need a change of scenery or a change of jobs or a change or the same ol’ same ol’.

Let’s jump out there together. I’ll be the one at the end of the bar with the rum drink.


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